A filmmaker, graphic designer, and artist, Saul Bass (1920 – 1996) is one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century. He is also my design hero, who inspires me with his wild creativity and imagination.




4 months,
Spring 2020


Graphic Design


Adobe Creative
Web-coding (HTML/CSS)


The Voice of Saul Bass

Through the voice of Saul Bass himself, I created an animation depicting the story of his life and his incredible works.

View animation process


"Design is thinking made visual."

The poster required several constraints, which included a timeline, quote, portrait, and five prominent works.

View poster process


His Works.

A printed publication that follows the visuals from the main poster.

View publication process

Mobile App

A Digital Translation

Translating the life and works of Saul Bass to a mobile application that emphasizes storytelling.

01. Intro Timeline

Interact with the timeline by clicking through each major events.

02. Film World

Visualizing the huge number of film title sequences that Saul Bass had designed by letting them swirl around the Vertigo graphic.

03. Renaissance Designer

Curating the logos that Saul Bass created by allowing users to click through and read information about each symbol.

04. Legacy

Smooth vertical scroll to view the overall reflection & citations


More Resources

Designing a responsive website that integrates photography and more information about his life and works.

Vertical scroll of Saul Bass’s timeline curated with photography.

Users may explore the full story of each logo within the gallery.

Hover state shows the title for each menu

Adding responsive element to the website by allowing the menu to stack